DELLMECO are developing new and innovative technologies so we stay ‘Out in Front’
  • Our DME electro-mechanical series have been up-graded to simplify maintenance. Your customer ‘preventive maintenance planning’ (PMP) can now be completed within minutes so there is no disruption to long lasting, trouble-free pumping operations.
  • Sometimes the customer just needs a simple pump which is cost-effective, easy to install and can be used for a ‚one-off‘ application. We are using the latest high-tech technologies developed in partnership with leading Universities in Poland to manufacture and produce 3D Printed AODD pump parts. These are far superior and stronger with improved wear and shock resistance to any moulded pumps presently on the market. And ‚cheap as chips‘ to produce.
  • DELLMECO are also developing ‘intelligent thinking pumps’ (ITP). This new chip technology will give your Maintenance and Service Team more control and real-time information about what is going on inside your pumps. On a 24/7 basis, with data sent direct to your mobile phone. This pump monitoring technology is the first of its kind and when it is fully developed, it will give our customers a leading edge over the competitors.

Images of 3D printing process

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