This pump technology is especially designed for universal applications which require low pressure – up to 6 bar. DELLMECO DME is an Electromechanically Driven Double Diaphragm Pump that is highly energy efficient. It’s compact, special design does not require hydraulic fluid, and it can be suitalby equipped to provide the performance required by each specific application.

The DELLMECO Electromechanically Driven Double Diaphragm Pump’s design concept and low energy consumption when used, in the most diverse of applications by the most demanding of costumers, have helped solidify DELLMECO’s good reputation.

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.                              PLASTIC SERIES                                                   METAL SERIES                                                  HYGENIC SERIES

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Demonstration designed by DELLMECO Germany showing the DELLMECO electro-mechanical pump (DME series) in operation.

Ranging from ½” to 3” and manufactured in a wide range of materials including plastic, aluminium, cast iron and stainless steel this gives the customer great flexibility in solving their pumping requirements.