DELLMECO air operated diaphragm (AODD) pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications.

They have a high abrasive resistance and withstand aggressive chemicals including acids, oils, solvents, paints, sludges and even media containing solid particles such as found in waste water. These pumps can also be used for transferring powders.

All the pumps are self-priming and the capacities and pressure can be easily controlled.

They can be ‘dry run’ without damage and using conductive plastics can be made explosion proof for solvents, alcohols and other volatile liquids without the risk of the build-up of electrostatic charge..

The pumps also require no lubrication and are of the so-called “Stall-Free Design” that makes them always start even at low air pressure and low air supply.

All DELLMECO aluminum and cast iron pumps are ATEX (explosion proof) approved.


1. Designed to succeed
– temperatures up to +120°C
– pressure up to 14 bar
– lubrication-free operation
– low air consumption
2. Flexible installation
– BSP as standard
– PN10, PN16, ANSI, NPT, JIS, RJT, split manifold configurations available
– connections may rotate 180°

3. Solid, compact and strong
– gentle pumping action
– viscous media transfer
– the valve seat made of AISI 316 is integrated with the pump housing


4. Perfect diaphragm

– completely smooth liquid-side surface (no holes)
– no metal in contact with the media
– materials made to match the application


 110164                         110165                110163

  SELF-PRIMING APPLICATION                             SUBMERGED OPERATION                                         POSITIVE SUCTION HEAD
           The suction lift range                                        Our pumps can operate                                           As a method for completely
.              is up to 8 meters.                                            under full submersion.                                              emptying holding tanks,
.         This will vary according                          The construction materials must be                               clarifiers or similar containers.
.        to construction materials                          suitable for the surrounding liquid                           Optimum inlet pressure should be
.     and application parameters.                                and the outlet must be                                                    kept at 0.2-0.3 bar.
.            All data are based                                    positioned above the liquid level.
.     upon pumping water at 20°C



The reduce piping and pump connections stresses, we recommend flexible connections on both the inlet and outlet pipes and air inlet connections.

For best results DELLMECO recommends installing the pulsation dampener on the discharge side od the pump.

                         With pulsation dampeners                                                         Without pulsation dampeners   

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